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One Sponsor's Post Conference Take on the Value of Sponsorship for the 2023 VAI CON

By Rhonda Bell, CVPM, CCFP, PCM-Digital, CDMP, Owner/Founder of Dog Days Consulting

I'm thrilled to have sponsored the 2023 Vets Against Insanity Conference this past September 22nd-24th! As the founder of Dog Days Consulting, a practice management consulting firm for veterinarians, I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of continuing education and professional development opportunities like Vets Against Insanity. This conference was a fantastic blend of learning, networking, and just plain fun - exactly what we need in this profession.

The attendee feedback has been glowing. From the educational sessions to the evening social events, veterinarians and technicians alike found immense value in this conference. The sessions covered timely topics like mental health, compassion fatigue, euthanasia discussions, practice management, and the latest clinical advances. Attendees expanded their knowledge, honed new skills, and left feeling recharged and inspired.

Beyond the educational content, the connections made at Vets Against Insanity are invaluable. Veterinary medicine can be an isolating profession at times. This conference brought together a hundred like-minded professionals at all stages of their careers. There was a strong sense of community and camaraderie as everyone learned, commiserated, celebrated, and laughed together. New friendships were forged, mentorships established, and professional networks expanded.

The Vets Against Insanity team also made sure there were plenty of chances for attendees to relax and have fun. The costume contest and game night allowed everyone to show their silly sides and take a much-needed break from the daily stresses of practice. The highlight was undoubtedly the group excursion to Meow Wolf. This immersive art experience sparked creativity, wonder, and hours of non-stop conversation. After a day of education, the Meow Wolf adventure was the perfect opportunity to strengthen connections made at the conference.

As a sponsor, our participation in Vets Against Insanity aligned perfectly with the core values at Dog Days Consulting. We believe deeply in supporting veterinary professionals and the industry as a whole. That support takes many forms - from providing continuing education and networking to encouraging mental health awareness and career development. Vets Against Insanity checked all these boxes and more. It was energizing to connect with so many veterinary professionals passionate about the same issues.

We also value partnerships with organizations like Vets Against Insanity that create welcoming, inclusive spaces for the veterinary community. Fostering this sense of belonging is vital, especially with the stresses and challenges of this profession. Conferences like Vets Against Insanity give veterinarians and technicians a judgement-free zone to learn, grow, and thrive together. Our sponsorship aimed to directly support and expand those efforts.

Professionally, sponsoring Vets Against Insanity was an impactful brand awareness and development opportunity. As consultants dedicated to veterinary practice growth through and digital brand management, connecting directly with our target audience is tremendously valuable. We visited with many professionals managing practices of all types and sizes. Many hadn't heard of Dog Days Consulting before. Our sponsorship put us on their radar as a trusted resource moving forward.

We also made key connections for our own continuing education and outreach efforts. Finding partners as passionate about education, networking and practice growth as we are is very exciting. These relationships provide mutually beneficial opportunities that support our shared goals of educating and inspiring veterinary professionals.

Financially, our Vets Against Insanity sponsorship represented a worthwhile investment. The attendee engagement at our exhibit booth surpassed expectations. We gathered numerous promising leads for our social media and digital branding services. Our sponsorship package also included valuable branding exposure before, during, and after the conference. This boosted our visibility substantially among the veterinary professionals we aim to serve.

Without question, the 2023 Vets Against Insanity Conference delivered immense value, both tangible and intangible. For all these reasons, I'm so glad we chose to sponsor. It was a privilege to support such a memorable and meaningful event. As both a small business owner, brand management consultant and a champion for the veterinary community, I look forward to our continued partnership with Vets Against Insanity for years to come.

(This article is not sponsored, and the opinions expressed are my own.)

Author: Rhonda Bell, CVPM, CCFP, PCM-Digital, CDMP

Discovering veterinary medicine as a career field was the perfect fit, but becoming a professional

Certified Veterinary Practice Manager was the game changer. She never looked back because

it was the perfect storm of passion, problem-solving, pets, and people.

A lifelong learner, she has also completed extensive training for her digital marketing certifications and incorporates personal and professional career coaching into her brand consulting business.

She left full-time practice management to pursue her dream of combining her three loves, People, Pets, and Practice Building, into a successful social media management and professional brand consulting business. She has a variety of clients in the veterinary space, and really enjoys supporting small animal practices and industry partners looking to increase their online presence and engage with their clients on social media. She helps them identify their goals for themselves, their businesses, and their online audiences.

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