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Customer Care

  • Do I need the original game to play?
    Nope! The more cards you have, the more fun it can be. That said, the Moms edition and X-Rated edition have enough cards and can be played on their own.
  • What if I want my own custom cards, or a special box for my customers or conference attendees?
    We gotcha covered. Big or small, we can offer affordable solutions for private labeling as well as custom cards and expansion packs. Our journey from veterinarians to card game makers has led us to a team of the best and brightest! We work with a USA-based designer, product photographer and printing company and can create something friggin awesome for your peeps.
  • Do you guys do events?
    Sure do! The game actually started as a way to make one of their joint lectures more interactive. Sarah and Caitlin are both experienced international speakers, and have spoken at all of the major veterinary conferences. They've also hosted conference-wide game nights and even an impromptu game on the streets of Denver with some veterinary fans! Let's talk.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We sure do. Sadly, these days things are a bit complicated, and shipping costs can vary pretty quickly.Drop us a linewith your address and what you'd like to order, and we'll get you a custom quote on shipping costs.
  • How do I play the game?
    To start, each player draws 10 answer cards. The player who most recently expressed a dog’s anal glands starts the game. This point person reads the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the question card out loud. Everyone else answers the question or fills-in-the-blank by passing one answer card, face down, to the point person. The point person shuffles all of the answers and shares each combination with the group. The point person then picks the funniest combination, and whoever submitted it gets one Insanity Point. After the round, a new player becomes the point person (who? You figure it out, we’re all adults here) and everyone draws back up to ten answer cards.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    Hell yeah! If your clinic, company or organization wants to make an order, let us know. We play nice.
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