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Are you outgoing and like helping people?
We could use you!
Save big, create good karma, meet new people,
grow yourself, and have a ton of fun by.....

Volunteering as a CON Guide 

While there will be more attendees this year than last year, we wanted to keep the intimate, connected feel because that was overwhelmingly one of the favorite things our attendees enjoy. 


SO we've created a volunteer position:


Introducing the CON GUIDE.

(We originally called them hosts, but that seemed too West World. Think of a guide as a small group leader.)


A CON Guide functions to help keep a small group of attendees connected and feeling like they matter at the CON (because they do).

Responsibilities include:

  • contacting your group of attendees via email before the CON to welcome them

  • greeting your attendees on Friday and answering questions 🤝

  • checking up on your attendees throughout the conference

  • being kind, welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive 🥰

  • following up after the CON with your attendees

  • wearing a costume of your choice Friday night during game night 

  • wearing a t-shirt on Saturday (will be provided, won't be wet) 

  • assisting with the secret activity as needed (MUAH)

Training will include:

  • a group zoom meeting with Sarah Wooten, DVM before the CON (will be fun, drinks and sweatpants are recommended) 💻

  • reading some training material on how to be an awesome CON guide (not much because ain't nobody got time) 📖

  • CON huddles with Sarah during the event


  • 20% discount on your CON ticket

  • an amazing tshirt

  • good karma ☯

  • hang out time with Sarah Wooten and other awesome vet professional people

  • a network of slightly scandalous vet professionals that will go the mattresses for you 

There are only 15 spots available - to apply to be a CON guide, click here, fill out the form, and we will be in contact soon!

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