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A party bike tour in downtown Nashville


Get ready to explore Nashville on a massive 15-seater party bike! There’s no better way to tour music city, So come enjoy this unique ride through downtown on a half-bike, half-bar, ALL fun machine!


WHO: You, silly! 🤪

WHERE: We will meet in the lobby of the hotel at 6:30 and, as a raucous group, take a 10 minute walk to Sprocket Rocket HQ, where you will be assigned a bike, can purchase drinks, and begin your party bike ride.

There are only 75 slots, so secure your excursion ticket today!

(under ticket options choose Party Bike Excursion)

Cost: $60 (includes all taxes, city fees, does not include gratuity)

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Party Bike Tour

Enjoy a unique party bike ride through downtown Nashville on our half bike, half bar – ALL fun machine! Nashville party bike tours include driver, personal bartender, electric assist motor, party lights, centrally-located Downtown Nashville headquarters, top-notch customer service. Routes are not guaranteed but you can generally expect a trip that includes loopty loops around Lower Broadway and its surrounding streets.


What to Expect

  • Once the group arrives at HQ, you can buy drinks if you like, get assigned to a bike, and go through your safety briefing.

  • Ice, and coolers are provided on every bike along with a bartender who actively pours your drinks and an experienced driver who will play nothing but the hits while you pedal around town.

  • We will make ONE stop at the halfway point of your ride for a bathroom break and to stretch legs.


What to Bring

  • Everyone must bring an ID. Riders without an ID will not be allowed to ride.

  • Either bring drinks or purchase them when you arrive at Sprocket Rocket HQ. 


Where will we ride?

Our trip will include loopty loops around Lower Broadway and its surrounding streets. The driver will do their best to minimize hills and street closures. In the event that the Nashville Predators are in town or there’s a concert and several streets are closed, we will go to another fun area that neighbors downtown! The driver will make it work based on what is going on in the city that day.Regardless of where the trip goes, you will have a blast!

Do I really have to pedal?

Well, yeah! 70% of the power needed to run is provided by the pedalers. The remaining 30% of the power is supplied by an electric assist motor. Sprocket Rocket is not only the best Party Bike Tour in Nashville, but also the easiest to pedal! 

How long is the ride?

You can expect ther ride and pedaling experience to be one full hour. The remaining time is broken up between checking in and loading the bike. 30 minutes into the ride, the bike stops to give everyone a 15-minute break to stretch your legs, take some group photos with your cellphones, and use the restroom. Once everyone is loaded up the second half of the ride begins. The entire experience takes 1 hour and 35 minutes.

What should I bring?


You can bring your own drinks as long as they follow Nashville city regulations. You can also pre-order on location at our check-in counter. Due to city regulations only beer, seltzers, ciders, and teas under 8% ABV are allowed on the party bike NO GLASS, LIQUOR OR WINE IS ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. This includes High Noons! You gotta know we love shenanigans, but in this case, we gotta follow the rules! You can bring drinks or purchase them onsite. 


You MUST be 21 to ride! Tennessee State Law says you MUST show a government issued ID to be able to ride. Everyone must carry an ID with them at all times - even grandma must have hers!


The bike company has electronic waivers which means your waiver can be done online from a computer or your cell phone. You do NOT have to print your waiver and bring it with you. When you purchase an excursion ticket, you will get a link to sign the online waiver.

The bikes have storage bins up top just like an airplane, only smaller. You can store purses, wallets, small bags, umbrellas, cell phones, etc. Large coolers and suitcases will not fit on the bikes.

What should I wear?

Closed-toed shoes and casual wear are highly recommended. Please do not wear six inch heels, those are made for the dance floor, not pedaling.

Should I tip the driver?


They make a living off of your generosity. That’s how they afford the crazy rent in Nashville and feed their families and four-legged fur babies. So while it is not mandatory, the bike staff works extra hard to make sure you have a great time as your generosity is their livelihood.

Your driver/bartender split all tips 50/50, so at the end of the ride when the tip jar comes around and you’ve had a blast, don’t be afraid to show them some cash! (They also got Venmo!)

What if I don’t want to pedal or physically can’t pedal?

If you don’t want to pedal, here’s a quick reminder: It’s a party BIKE! Pedaling is interactive and way more fun than it sounds right now. Trust us!

That being said there are non-pedal seats that can be occupied IF the bike has enough people. Since pedal=power, a bike with fewer people on it will require all patrons to pedal. If the bike is full, that is when non-pedal seats will begin to fill. Sooooo, don’t be a stick in the mud. Pedal!

If you feel like you CAN’T pedal due to a medical condition, please arrive early and alert the staff.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot NOT reserve specific seats and no particular seat placement is guaranteed. People with physical disabilities can request the backbench, but each bench only holds four people. Again, seating is NOT guaranteed.

What if I am coming from somewhere other than the hotel?

No problem! Meet the group at Sprocket Rocket Headquarters located at 535 Lafayette Street, Nashville, TN 37203, USA at 6:45 p.m. Ride begins promptly at 7:05 p.m.

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