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Dog Days Consulting Employees Rock Our Faces Off

Howdy CONdom!

vets against insanity we just came up with that - it's slightly scandalous...just like us.

If you attend or have attended a Vets Against Insanity CON, you are officially part of the CONdom. If you have played Vets Against Insanity games, then you get honorary induction in the CONdom...even if you haven't attended a CON. If you are already part of the CONdom then you know you know. That's all. (psssttt you can join the CONdom - it's easy - just click here to learn more. It's not a cult. We promise).


One of our favorite things we do for our marvelous CON sponsors is showcase the people in their organizations who are making sh*t happen. These are the change-makers and creative catalysts that show up every day and make our profession shine a little bit brighter. This month we are pleased to honor two such amazing humans from Dog Days Consulting - one of the CON's bronze sponsors:

dog days consulting

Dog Days: Caitlin Palmer

aka the Deskwench

Caitlin has been on the vet med scene for the past fourteen years.  She started in the kennels and moved up to the front desk where she has had all sorts of things thrown at her, but it’s whatever.

This dynamo is an actress, an artist, and a pet mom.  (ps we know she is amazing and hilarious in front of a live studio audience). She LOVES working for Dog Days Consulting and connecting with other veterinary professionals.  (Plus, she gets paid to make cat memes and that’s kind of the dream) She is a passionate advocate for mental health in vet med. Her goal is to spread awareness with a few laughs along the way. If you’re ever looking for her, she’s almost certainly making another cup of coffee ☕

dog days consulting

Dog Days: Tiffany Howe

Tiffany Howe discovered her passion for animal care as a high school kennel technician working at the veterinary practice her mom managed. Despite her struggles with ADHD, she excelled in this role and felt a strong calling to dedicate her life to animal well-being.

After starting a family, Tiffany returned to the veterinary field working as an experience assistant full time as well as joining Dog Days Consulting as a virtual assistant part time. She combines her love for educating clients and organizing to contribute to the company's mission of providing exceptional digital marketing and customer service to their clients. Tiffany's journey highlights the profound impact of early exposure to a fulfilling vocation on one's life and career path.

We applaud these ladies, and we appreciate Dog Days Consulting. 👏👏👏👏

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of the journey.

dog days consulting

If you are feeling the love, please leave a comment to celebrate these ladies. And if you want to learn more about or support this awesome, woman owned AND veterinary professional owned brand management company, click their logo.


And...if you or your company would like to partner with this event hit us up at

All our slightly scandalous love,

The Vets Against Insanity Crew 😆


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