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Merck is so DOPE.....and so is our wet lab!

Learning Objectives:

In this blog post, you will:

  • learn many ways in which Merck rocks 🤘🏽 for vet people

  • learn what happens when you put things in cages often🎯

  • See Dr. Dad finesse his way through an earthworm appointment

  • Get a "cloudy with a chance of munchies" discount on the CON

Are you picking up what we are putting down??? Let’s get to it.


Merck is so dope…

…and not just because they sponsored our CON! Here is a short list of sweet things they do to help the vet industry:

• Sponsor the NOMV Clear Blueprint Program to inspire mentally healthy cultures within the industry

• Sponsor well-being training through the AVMA

• Merck Vet Manual - OG created in 1955 and going on 11 editions, multiple languages, and as a free app to help people pass that NAVLE and stay wiser than an AI chatbot

• Student Ambassador program that has been known to give away rainbow and teal stethoscopes, Za, Yeti Coolers, and provide free large animal and small animal wetlabs, goat yoga, football tailgates, and host 5K’s…

…and it goes on. We are grateful for companies like Merck who get us. The next time you see your Merck rep, tell them thanks (and give them a hug if you are feeling slightly scandalous)


AND NOW…let's talk wetlab deets

If you put stuff in cages often enough...

...chances are it's gonna escape, and you are going to know how to recapture it safely.

Veterinary professionals are uniquely poised to provide assistance in remote chemical immobilization of wildlife as well as fractious and dangerous animals…or fungal zombies if the need arises. And it just might.


Well, we are so glad you asked…

Learn how to offer this service in this 4-hour RACE approval pending chemical immobilization and remote delivery course and wet lab taught by zoo vets Jenifer and Jason Chatfield. The material is applicable to small animals, large animals, and exotics. So basically everybody.

This one-of-a-kind wet lab focuses on technique, equipment utilization, safety, as well as the team aspect of field immobilizations. Oh, and fun. Did we mention the fun part?

The course will include:

👉a discussion of appropriate anesthetic choices

👉instruction on how to manage the remotely immobilized creature safely and successfully

👉considerations for successful immobilization

👉other applications for remote delivery of biologics

👉learning how to be comfortable with less-than-ideal conditions for animal management

👉sharpshooter competitions, prizes, and fun!

When: 9/22/23, 1-5 p.m.

Where: La Posada Ballroom (at the hotel where the CON is being held)

Included: 2 hours of didactic lecture, 2 hours of wet lab (4 RACE hours approval pending), sharpshooter competitions, and prizes!

Who: Veterinarians, vet techs, zoo personnel, animal control, wildlife management personnel, animal shelter personnel, food animal personnel, equine care personnel, your mom

Cost: $199 with CON registration, $499 without CON registration

psssst....there's a promo code for more below!



Now about that peace pipe….

…and that phat Vets Against Insanity CON discount for you - we didn’t forget…but first, an important PSA from Dr. Dad:

We hope you join us in Santa Fe this September for the most unique conference you've ever been to.

Getting CE shouldn't be this much fun! Don't miss out.

Seats are booking fast, and there is a limit, so we can keep this event more intimate and connected.

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