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Chemical Immobilization and Remote Delivery Wetlab!

Veterinary professionals are uniquely poised to provide assistance in remote chemical immobilization of wildlife as well as fractious and dangerous animals. A.K.A. Bad Ass Medicine (BAM).

To help you achieve BAM, we are pleased to offer a 4 hour RACE approved chemical immobilization and remote delivery course and wetlab taught by zoo vets Jenifer and Jason Chatfield. This course is available NO WHERE ELSE, and focuses on technique, equipment utilization, safety, as well as the team aspect of field immobilizations (oh and fun. Did we mention the fun part?)

When: 9/22/23, 1-5 p.m.

Where: La Posada Ballroom

Included: 2 hours of didactic lecture, 2 hours of wetlab (4 RACE hours), sharpshooter competitions and prizes!

Cost: $199

To sign up, choose the ticket option that has the wetlab added on. (if you want Meow Wolf and the wetlab, choose the ticket that has all three options added). 

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