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Hey yo ~ veterinarians and veterinary technicians!
You have to get your CE...why not make it the most work-related fun you have all year? 

Where: La Posada Resort and Spa
When: September 22-24, 2023
What:  12+

Ticket includes:
👉Breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the CON
👉Vets Against Insanity Game
(*new* to be released early 2023)  
👉Slightly scandalous Vets Against Insanity CON swag bag
👉Epic game night and costume contest
👉Printed workbook 
👉Promo code for lodging
👉Shenanigans, Hijinks, and Skylarking aplenty 
👉and a damn good time

Ticket Prices: 
Early bird till 4/30: $3
5/1 -9/20: $49
Contact us for student and new grad pricing. 

Registration 10-6 p.m. Friday
Wetlab 1-5 Friday
Game Night 6-8 Friday
Saturday Lectures 8-5
Sunday Lectures 8-1:30

More than just a card game

Meet Vets Against Insanity CON

In celebration of 7 years serving the veterinary profession by boosting morale and making you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants with our slightly scandalous games, we are pleased to offer the second annual Vets Against Insanity CON, an inclusive, learning-filled, rollicking experience. 🥳

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What makes this conference different?

Focus on Fun's built off a card game, so there is that. Our speakers that have a track record of delivering highly engaging and relevant material. Throw in some secret activities, game night, a costume contest, some blow darts, and a completely off-the-wall field trip, and it's pretty much a guarantee you will be educated, inspired, and entertained. After the past couple of years, you and your team deserve this.

To see what else makes us the most unique and unforgettable vet conference experience, click here. 


Tomfoolery, skylarking, and shenanigans abound...


Chemical Immobilization and Remote Delivery Wetlab

Ever wanted to learn how to load and shoot sedation darts? This skill can be applied MANY ways.  Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity. Extra charge. Limited to 40 people.


Game Night and Costume Contest

Let your hair down on Friday night with game night and an epic costume contest. Drinks, snacks, and laughter is on us!


Things are about to get weird. Join us on Saturday night for a 2 hour mind-bending explorable art experience for people of all ages. Includes boxed dinner and a ride on a school bus. No. We aren't kidding. Extra charge. Limited to 40 people.


Team Building Activities

At this conference, we believe in bringing people together. We do this by giving exhibitors and sponsors opportunities to engage with attendees in fun, inspirational, team building exercises. A fan favorite!



Melissa Bain, DVM, DACVB, MS, DACAW Professor, Clinical Animal Behavior Service Interim Director Professional Student Clinical Education UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Small animal behavior topics

Jenifer Chatfield, DVM, DACVM, DACVPM

Infectious disease and parasitology topics

Sally Lynch, DVM

Euthanasia, geriatric care, and palliative care topics

Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT

Client Communication and business topics

Hilal Dogan, DVM, CCTP, RYT

Well being

Read more about our speakers by clicking the funky head👇

What our speakers and attendees have to say:

Jenifer Chatfield, DVM, DACZM, DACVPM

The CON was fabulous because it was different - we sat at round tables during lectures so it was easy to converse between lectures and so much more comfortable than rows and rows of chairs.  The activities were more active!  We formed teams and it really made the CE more fun and impactful.  Overall, the CON was such a departure from the freezing cold ball rooms with low lighting and silence among strangers!

Dr Michele Broadhurst DC,CCSP, FIAMA,CCRP, CAC IVCA

Vets against Insanity was a great intimate conference. It gave participants the ability to ask questions and get involved in their learning experience. The lecturers were excellent and diverse and addressed  the clinical and non clinical aspects of practice. It was an honor to speak at the first CON!

2022 CON Attendees:

"I loved going in knowing that the people were self-selected for being somewhat irreverent. That led to instant connections and shared humor. When coupled with the intimate nature of the event, it made for something entirely special."

"I felt like I was important and not just another paying vet."

"I loved the comradery! From the speakers to the attendees, everyone had an awesome attitude!"

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