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What Else Makes this Conference Different?

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Intimate: Here You Matter.

By keeping the conference limited to 125 slightly scandalous, fun-lovin' attendees, you are guaranteed to create relationships and connections that will support you long after the conference is over.


We believe in bringing people together. We do this by giving exhibitors and sponsors opportunities to engage with attendees in fun, team building exercises. In addition, all sessions are designed to provide value and education for veterinarians and veterinary technicians because we are a TEAM. We beta tested this concept last year and it was a fan favorite with EVERYBODY.

Attendee Guides.

While there will be more attendees this year than last year, we wanted to keep the intimate, connected feel because that was overwhelmingly one of the favorite things 2022 attendees enjoyed. Also, we want to take care of our CON newbies. This year, we will be training veterinary professional hosts that will guide CON attendees through the entire experience to help keep people connected and feeling like they matter at the CON (because they do).

Interested in becoming a CON guide? Click here to learn more and apply!

Have More Questions? 

Of course you do...this shit is wacky. Here are some FAQs.

Is this CON REALLY RACE Approved?
HELL YEAH IT IS! We like to joke a lot but one thing we are serious about is bringing you high quality, RACE approved CE. So yeah, we jumped through all the hoops, went before the high council, uh, we mean RACE committee, paid with the blood of a firstborn, and boom. RACE approved.

When do the shenanigans begin? I mean, what's the schedule?
Registration is available from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Game night and other assorted tomf
oolery Friday night 6-8 p.m. Costumes highly recommended, just short of mandated.

Breakfast 7 a.m.

Lectures and unannounced skylarking from 8-5 (food included).

Breakfast 7 a.m.
Lectures and assorted hijinks 8-1:30 (food include).

Why did you pick La Posada? And is it dog friendly?
 We picked it because it is gorgeous, small, and short 3 block walk from Santa Fe's iconic downtown plaza, where you can shop, eat, and art gallery to your heart's content. La Posada caters to travelers who appreciate the resort’s southwestern charm, extraordinary services, and romantic ambience - you will feel like a queen, or a king, or a, uh, non binary royal person. If you have a car, valet is included. Also BONUS - the hotel is HAUNTED!! Ok not the whole hotel (you won't be bothered in your sleep) but the bar is.  👻
And YES - this hotel is pet friendly!

Do I have to wear a costume to game night?
Absolutely not! But you may want to bring one, just in case, for when you see that most everybody else is. (BTW there is a costume contest where you can win cool stuff, and the CON organizers will be wearing costumes, so you know, you really don't want to be left out.)

Why is this conference so cheap?
Well we are new and a bit bonkers, and we really want you to like us. Like....really. Our goal is that this event to not only educates you, but inspires you, entertains you, and elevates you. So we are competitively pricing this event in the hopes that more people will take a chance on something new.

What else is there to do in Santa Fe?
OMG SO MUCH! You could spend 3 days walking around downtown Santa Fe, but if you have a car there are spas (10,000 Waves - have lunch at the restaurant and soak, Ojos Calientes, Ojos Santa Fe - book early!), museums (Georgia O'Keefe , the Museum of International Folk Art), the high Road to Taos (stop at Sancturio de Chimayo), and if you are feeling adventurous, you can visit beautiful Ghost Ranch and/or the grounds and hang with the monks at Christ in the Desert Monastery

Is this conference and resort kid friendly?
Kids are welcome at the resort, however, game night is a bit, uh, R rated, so that's out, and even though we love kids (and we all have them and have definitely kept that crotch fruit in a kennel at work) we ask that they are not brought to sessions to honor everybody's learning environment. (You can bring dogs long as they are well behaved)

Can I bring a non-veterinary guest to social events?
Heck yeah you can! In fact, guests had some of the most fun at our game night last year because, let's face it, vet people are hysterically funny. It is $25 for guests for game night, and $85 for the Meow Wolf excursion. When you are registering, just add 'guest ticket options' to your cart.  

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